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April 2013

Daily Bible Thoughts for April 2013

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Daily Prayer for April 2013

30th April 2013 – I ask that I may be an encourager to the next generation. Help me Lord to inspire them by what I say, do and am.

29th April 2013 – Thank you Lord that I am safe in your eternal Hands.

26th April 2013 – Lord, keep me (and your whole church) as Christ-centred and cross-centred as Paul was.

25th April 2013 – Lord I know that many people make fun of the gospel message and of those who believe it and share it. Help me not to lose my nerve. I want to always be unashamed of this gospel that is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

24th April 2013 – Lord crucified for me, I want you to have all of me there is to have. You deserve no less. By your grace I will not give you that which costs me nothing.

23rd April 2013 – Help me Lord. I recognise how easily and subtly my trust can slip away from you and on to your good gifts. Let this never happen in me. Keep me on the alert so that I can spot any tendency in this direction and nip it in the bud.

22nd April 2013 – Lord please give to me a holy balance. Let me not work so hard that I destroy health and family along the way, in a manner that you would not desire. But let me also not to so seek to preserve my life that I lose it.

19th April 2013 – Lord you know the hurts I carry. You know the people I really don’t want to forgive; at least, not just yet. But your cross leaves me with no option, and your Spirit will not leave me without your strength. I know I can do what I don’t want to do through your mighty power. To you be all the glory and praise.

18th April 2013 – Lord, please fill me with your wisdom and free me from the folly of my own ways. Every day I need a generous amount of your wisdom. Please fill me to overflowing.

17th April 2013 – I ask that day after day my life and lips will sing a song of praise to you and about you dear Lord. When the choir assembles, may my place not be empty.

16th April 2013 – Lord, deliver us from this terribly insidious tendency to elevate men instead of giving you all the glory. When we lift men up too high, in a sense we are pulling you down (in our own eyes). May we not do this but proclaim you and your cross and seek your glory always.

15th April 2013 – Lord, when I look at myself, at times I can feel tremendously discouraged. But when I look to you I know that all is well. Please help me to fix my eyes on you.

12th April 2013 – Thank you Jesus that you are all conquering. Your cross may look like defeat to the natural eye, but in fact it spells defeat only for Satan. Thank you that I am in you, and in you I triumph. Let me never forget this.

11th April 2013 – Lord, you gave the children of Israel the ‘Promised Land.’ But it is also true, as someone has said that you have given to your church a ‘land of promises’ in the Holy Scriptures. Help us to settle down in every part of them. Enable us to put the soles of our feet down on every tract of ‘Bible land’ and claim it all. You are so good to us Lord. I ask that you do all of this for the glory of your Name.

 10th April 2013 – I love you Lord and long to serve you. My heart is full of desires to do things for you. But I know how fallible I am and how mixed my motives can be. Please filter out my wrong ideas and work through me whatever you want to do for the glory of your Name.

9th April 2013 – Lord God, let everything in your church be ordered according to your Word, and may it be pleasing to you in every way. And let every detail of my life be under the authority of your Word, that the life I live in the world will be one of blessing others.

8th April 2013 – Thank you for the gift of life Lord. It is so precious. Draw me close to you in such a way that I cannot and will not waste these valuable days.

5th April 2013 – Thank you dear Lord, for the amazing truth I have seen in this letter. Please reveal more and more of yourself through it each time I return to it. I pray that what I have understood will travel from my head to my heart and change my life.

4th April 2013 – Lord let me know my place in your ‘body’ and faithfully be who you made me to be.

3rd April 2013 – Lord, let my heart be so full of you that I simply overflow with words about you.

2nd April 2013Lord God, help me to learn my lessons well, knowing that your grace is always more than sufficient to enable a fresh start. Though it has cost me so much to return to the ‘starting blocks’, let me believe I can run well this time because of what you have taught me and the fact that you are with me.

1st April 2013Although our life in this world is short, help us Lord to know that in the Eternal God we have life without end. Thank you that Jesus has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light.


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