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MP3 Philemon 4-6

This is a wonderful talk that Stephen gave several years ago, and it includes some pointers on how we should be living as followers of Christ.

A talk on Proverbs by Stephen Thompson:

Life and Death

Ephesians Ephesians 1:1,2

Galatians 5 LOVE: Love

Talks from the Book of Acts:

Acts 1:1-8 The Great Commission 

Acts 1:1-8 The power for evangelism

Acts 1:6-9: What is friendship evangelism

Acts 1:7-8 How can we receive power for evangelism

Acts 1:11 The Doctrine of last things 

Acts 1:12-26 Dynamic Christianity and prayer

Acts 2:1-13 Dynamic Christianity

Acts 2:42-47 Dynamic Christianity: What are you devoted to?

Acts 3:1-10 Asking for alms and getting legs

Acts 3 New life in Jesus

Acts 4:1-11 Trouble t’mill

Acts 4 13-22 Time to Choose

Acts 4 23- Example of a praying church

Acts 5 :12-16 growth

Acts 8

Acts 9 :31 

Acts 13: 1-5 Fasting

Acts 13:1-4 The praying church becomes the sending church

Acts 16: Availability

Acts 16:19-34 Songs in the night

Acts 20:22-24 The great Omission

Acts 20:28 Aspects of the Cross