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July 2013

Daily Bible Thoughts July 2013

31st July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 413

30th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 412

29th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 411

26th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 410

25th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 409

24th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 408

23rd July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 407

22nd July 2013 –  Daily Bible thoughts 406 (1)

19th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 405

18th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 404 (1)

17th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 403

16th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 402 (2)

15th July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 401

12 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 400

11 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 399

10 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 398

9 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 397 

8 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 396

5 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 395

4 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 394 (1)

3 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 393

2 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 392 (1)

1 July 2013 – Daily Bible thoughts 391

Daily Prayer July 2013

31st June 2013 – Lord God, may the knowledge of your unalterable rule fill me with unfailing courage and joy. I pray that the great truths you have revealed to me will change me, day by day, and make me more and more the person you want me to be.

30th July 2013 – Lord, without gloating, please help me to learn from the failures of others, and strengthen me that I will not repeat their mistakes. Thank you for your promise that we do not have to be overcome by any temptation.

29th July 2013 – Lord God, please strengthen me to persevere in running this Christian race. I ask for great endurance. And enable me to remove from my private, personal life anything and everything that would erode the power of my public ministry.

 26th July 2013 –  Lord give me, please, a burning passion for lost people.

25th July 2013 –  Lord I want to be someone who endures to the end. I have some sense of how difficult this can be. Please help me!

24th July 2013 –  I thank you Lord that in you I find everything I need to keep me anchored in a world of raging storms and shifting currents.

23rd July 2013 –  Day by day, my Lord and King, I want to get out of bed and give you my very best, for you are worthy of nothing less. I pray that the temple of my life will be ‘absolutely stunning – a showcase temple’ for your glory alone.

22nd July 2013 – Lord, make my life personally a song to you; and make our lives collectively a symphony. Help us not to hesitate to use words to tell how great you are, and may we live from day to day ‘in awesome wonder’.

19th July 2013 –  Help me Lord to never put an obstacle in the pathway of someone coming to know you. Enable me to consider the effects of my actions and spot difficulties before they arise.

18th July 2013 –  Lord let me hear your voice and obey you – TODAY!

17th July 2013 – Help me to truly love my Christian family, even if it involves the sacrifice of things I love.

16th July 2013 –   (Today, if you are single ask that you may glorify the Lord in your single state. If you are married, dedicate your marriage afresh to Him, praying that in every detail you will glorify Him and fulfil His purposes in bringing you together. )   Lord, as I write my life’s story, let it be that your Hand is upon mine, so that all that I write will be your script and not my own.

15th July 2013 –  Lord God, keep me centred on you and your Word.

12 July 2013 –  Thank you Lord for this precious gift of life. All that I am and have I give to you. It is my heart’s desire to be fully yours now and always. I want to so invest my life in time that there will be returns in eternity.

11 July 2013 –  Lord I ask for the true spirit of Holy Ghost adventure. Help me to set my sails and go with you, even though fear of the unknown could hold me back.

10 July 2013 –  Thank you Lord for the breadth and depth of your Word; for its practicality and its relevance to the whole of life.

9 July 2013 – Lord enable me to see the things that tend to blunt my ‘cutting edge’ and avoid them. Keep me sharp. Teach me how to sharpen myself.

8 July 2013 –  Lord, may it be that my community is different because I live in it. Please may I be enormously influential for you by the power of your Holy Spirit.

5 July 2013 – Lord, how gloomy and pessimistic I would be if I were restricted to the purely ‘horizontal’ view of life. But now you have flooded me with light and I am seeing from heaven’s perspective. Everything looks different and filled with hope. Thank you for this ‘vertical’ insight into the nature of things.

 4 July 2013 –  Lord, I pray that in the ups and downs of everyday life I will put you first and not all the good things you so richly give us to enjoy, for which I am truly grateful.

3 July 2013 – God of the impossible, I thank you that you can do the things that I can’t. I am amazed that you call me to do the things I am unable to do by your powerful enabling.

2 July 2013 – Although this world has had ‘a great fall’, and sin has spread and spoiled everything, thank you Lord that Jesus puts ‘Humpty’ together again. I am grateful for His restoring work in me, and in all creation

1 July 2013 – Thank you Lord for today. I am grateful for sleep and rest and your gift of a new day. Help me to see it through your eyes and use it for your praise and glory.

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