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November 2012

Stephen’s Daily Bible Notes – November 2012

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Stephen’s Daily Prayer – November 2012

30th November 2012 – Lord Jesus, thank you that you are building your church across the earth, and that the gates of hell will never prevail against it. Thank you for including me in your register.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 240.

29th November 2012 –  Dear God, thank you for bringing me from death to life. I recognise I owe you my thanks not merely in words, but also with my very life. Help me to give everything to you.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 239.

28th November 2012 – O love that will not let me go, I rest my weary soul on you. I marvel at your persevering kindness towards such a wandering heart as mine. Thank you for offering another chance. Help me to take it.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 238.

27th November 2012 –  Lord, if you take me to the desert, let me come out singing your song.

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26th For today’s Bible Notes –  Lord I owe everything to you. You have lavished me with innumerable blessings. I pray that I may never become forgetful and ungrateful. Bind my heart to you in thankful love.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 236.

23rd November 2012 – My specific calling may not be the same as Hosea’s, but help me loving God to embody the message I seek to bring with my lips. Let your message live in me.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 235.

22nd November 2012 – God only wise, I ask that I may increasingly receive the wisdom that is from above in large amounts, so that my everyday life in this world may point to you, be guided by you and reflect your glory.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 234.

21st November 2012 – Thank you Lord Jesus that you have brought an overwhelming amount of grace and life into the world. Thank you that it has flowed into me. May your grace and life flow everywhere like a mighty river.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 233.

20th November 2012 – We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the massive growth of your church and the coming of your Kingdom Lord Jesus. May your will be done on earth even as in heaven.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 232.

19th November 2012 – Lord God, may my worship be thoroughly cleansed from any element that displeases you. Help me to always give you much more than a song.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 231.

16th November 2012 – Lord, I ask for sight for my eyes, strength for my days and focus for my soul, to live always for your glory.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 230.

15th November 2012 – Thank you Lord that you can never be said to short change any believer. You abundantly give us all we need to live the Christian life. Help me to count on this at all times, and remember it especially when life is tough.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 229.

14th November 2012 – Lord God, please assist me by your endless might to starve my doubts and feed my faith. Cause me to live like a believer, for your glory.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 228.

13th November 2012 – Give me backbone Sovereign Lord to stand up for you and your truth in a culture that wants to press the ‘off’ button when you speak. Enable me to swim against this strong current. Let me never forget that you are in total control.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 227.

12th November 2012Lord God, I want to state my strong desire that complacency will never find a place to lodge in my heart. I want my life to be a fireplace where your fire can burn continually, for the glory of your Name. Thank you Lord. Amen.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 226.

9th November 2012 – Dear God, help me in all things to keep my eyes on you, and may my eyes see you clearly. Please give to your church an unshakeable confidence in you.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 225.

8th November 2012 – Thank you Lord that you accept me on the basis of faith in your Son Jesus. I acknowledge that I could never earn heaven. I am not good enough, nor will I ever be. But I open my hands to receive your gracious gift, and I thank you from the depths of my heart for such costly and generous provision.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 224.

7th November 2012 –Lord, may we meet YOU in our worship and be changed by you.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 223.

6th November 2012 – Thank you Jesus for all that you did for me at the cross. It is simply amazing. Help me by your Spirit to walk before you always in fully attentive, worshipful obedience, and enjoy your peace.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 222.

5th November 2012 – I’m lost in wonder, I’m lost in love, I’m lost in praise forevermore. Because of Jesus’ unfailing love, I am forgiven, I am restored.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 221.

2nd November 2012 Lord we pray for our leaders and fellow-citizens; we pray also for ourselves. Help us to return to you.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 220.

1st November 2012 – How I thank you Lord God, Heavenly King, that you are the incorruptible One. No-one can bribe their way into your presence. We cannot buy you off with our religious good works or any other thing. But thank you that you give free ‘passes’ to all who trust in your Son Jesus.

For today’s Bible Notes – see No: 219. 

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