Genesis 2:18-20: Delegation.

“18 The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’  19 Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. 20 So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals. But for Adam no suitable helper was found.” NIV UK

What an act of humility on God’s part to turn over the job of naming the creatures (He had made) to the man (He had made). When you stop to consider, what a lesson this is in the art of delegation. It was, though, in keeping with man’s status as vice-regent, under God, over creation. God turned this major responsibility over to man and did not interfere (19).  F.B. Meyer says it well:

‘Love is God’s best gift to man. Without it, even Eden would not be Paradise. That Adam was able to name the animals, affixing a title suggested by some peculiarity or characteristic, indicated his royal supremacy; and insofar as we live in God, that supremacy is restored. See Dan.6:22; Mark 1:13.’ ‘Devotional Commentary’, p.16.

Our love of the natural world and the animal kingdom goes back to the garden of Eden; our fear of it (or certain aspects of it) goes back to the fall. Human beings can have beautiful relationships with the ‘dumb’ creation. Even so, these are not enough to satisfy the deep need of the human heart.