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December 2012

Stephen’s Daily Bible Notes – December 2012

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Stepen’s Daily Prayer – December 2012.

31st December 2012 – Heavenly Father, on this last day of the year I want to thank you for all your tender care; for how you have watched over me and all my ways. When you call me, I want to run to you. Let me always show you my face and not my heels. Again I thank you for your great and undeserved love.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 261.

28th December 2012 – Lord, I find this ‘until’ business in prayer very difficult. I can’t calculate your ‘until’. I don’t know for how long I will have to pray. My nation, my church, my life is in desperate need of your showers, but my will is weak. Strengthen me to persevere in prayer.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 260.

27th December 2012Dear Lord, please let everything in my life bring glory to you, and not to me. If I see any genuine success in ministry, let me not boast or feel proud. I want to be quick to say, ‘all glory to you’ and mean it from the depths of my being. I understand that ‘man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever’. Let me do both. No idol could ever suffice or satisfy.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 259.

26th December 2012 – Lord, I truly believe that the only way to be wise is to keep your company continually. Help me exercise such self-control that my words are few, and my ears are always wide open to heaven.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 258.

25th December 2012 –My Lord, on this Christmas day I thank you for all that Jesus came into the world to do for me. Thank you that you have forgiven me and that you are setting me free from sin’s power right now. Thank you Father that I am your dearly loved child, and that one day I will bear the perfect likeness of Jesus, as I share His resurrection life. What a happy Christmas reality all of this is.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 257.

24th December 2012 -Thank you Lord that this son is equipped to be like your Son Jesus. Cause me to fully live in what I know, and live it out in a world moving against all that the Spirit desires.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 256.

21st December 2012 – Help me Lord to yield to your life in mine. I want to deny the dictates of my old nature and follow all the promptings of your Holy Spirit

For Bible Notes – please see No: 255.

20th December 2012 – Lord, I know it is not enough to start well. By your Spirit enable me to be a good finisher.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 254.

19th December 2012 – My desire, dear Lord, is to have a closer walk with you, and to know a deeper obedience to your Word.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 253.

18th December 2012 – Lord, it is such a privilege to possess your Word; may your Word possess me. Let it govern every part of my life. May I never be a stranger to it, or it become a stranger to me.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 252.

17th December 2012 – In the face of human suffering let me hold fast to you Lord. Let me never let go of the ‘wondrous’ cross. I acknowledge it shines a brilliant light on all our pain in this world.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 251.

14th December 2012 – Lord, when I look at myself I have cause to despair; when I look to Jesus I am filled with hope. Cause me to keep my eyes locked on Him all through this journey.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 250.

13th December 2012 – Lord God, Heavenly Bridegroom, it is very obvious that you want your people close to you in a relationship of loving intimacy. I ask that I may have the closest possible walk with you, and by your grace I will pursue this.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 249.

12th December 2012 – Lord, I ask that there will be nothing of half-heartedness in my trust in you.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 248.

11th December 2012 – Thank you Lord that you are far more eager for us to return to you than we are to return. Help us to come to you with more than words. May our lives turn round also and be pointing in your direction.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 247.

10th December 2012 – Whatever may come my way, Sovereign Lord, help me to be like the psalmist: convinced of your control, holding on to you in faith and praying without ceasing.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 246.

7th December 2012 – Thank you Lord Jesus that you do not call us to a rule-based, rule-driven life, but to a relationship with you that will issue in much fruit to the Father’s glory. I want to be as fruitful as possible. Lord glorify your Name in me. Thank you so much for this living relationship with a living Lord.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 245.

6th December 2012 – Lord, let me believe Romans 6 so much that it will change my life. By your grace I want to fully play my part in resisting sin and serving you.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 244.

5th December 2012 – My help comes from the Lord… May I never look to anyone else or anything else to be to me what only you can.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 243.

4th December 2012 – Dear Lord, however dear my idols may have been to me, help me to mercilessly tear them from that throne which belongs to you alone, and give you your rightful place.

For Bible Notes – please see No: 242.

3rd December 2012 – Heavenly Father, we pray for all those called to spiritual leadership in your church. Keep them always true to you; ever faithful in proclaiming the truth of your Word.

For  Bible Notes –  please see No: 241.

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