Psalm 115:1-11.

‘’He simply is, irrespective and independent of all other is’s. His life is beyond the ravages of death, decay or disintegration.’’ Sam Storms: ‘One thing’, p.60

May this sentiment in (1) always fill all of our hearts. No one knows for sure what the background to the psalm is. It may be that Israel’s army had just won a great victory over the enemy, and there was a danger that the king and his troops would be given the credit. Let’s be careful that we never trespass into the Lord’s spotlight. To God be all the glory.

The people of the nations could not see Israel’s God (2). They could see their own gods because they were statues: ‘’Their gods are metal and wood, handmade in a basement shop…’’ The Message (see 4-7).But we have a living God who sovereignly rules over all (3).

See the utter deadness of dead religion (4-8). This is one of several places in the Bible showing how utterly ludicrous idolatry is. It is not only bad and wrong; it is also stupid! Why would you think that a hand-crafted statue could help you in your time of need?!

Someone pointed out that a religion will only ever be as good as its gods (8). Notice here that although they are lifeless the idols do have the power to destroy those who worship them (Isaiah 44:6-20)

‘’Gentiles visiting Jerusalem would notice the absence of idols. Back home, they could point to their gods and introduce you to the craftsman who made them. Is your God in heaven, ruling over all? Are you trusting something less than God?’’ Warren W. Wiersbe: ‘With the Word’, p.383.

A dead idol cannot help anyone, but the living God can. Our God ‘’is’’ and our God ‘’does’’ (3). He is alive. The gods of the world are not (in the sense of being lifeless. They are human creations made of ‘’silver and gold’’) and they ‘’cannot’’ (a word that comes 6 times in 5-7). They cannot help and they cannot protect, but the true God can; hence the three-fold call to ‘’trust’’ in Him (9-11). This call goes out to Israel as a whole; to the priests (the ‘’house of Aaron’’), and to all who ‘’fear him’’. So this psalm speaks to us.

‘’The living God can see you, hear your prayers, walk with you and help you. He can speak to you from His Word.’’ Warren W. Wiersbe: ‘With the Word’, p.383.

Prayer: Thank you, living Lord, that you are trustworthy. Please help me to actively trust you at all times and have no other gods before you.