Genesis 2:16: Killjoy God?

“16 And the Lord God commanded the man, ‘You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;” NIV UK

I heard a preacher say that some people have this kind of image of God where He is leaning over the balustrade of heaven, asking, ‘Are you having fun?’ ‘Well knock it off’, He says. He’s seen as the divine spoilsport.

It’s fascinating to note in this verse, following on from the mention of a command, God says, ‘’You are free…’’ There is so much we can do. There’s so much in life we can ‘taste’. But where God erects a fence it is to protect us. He doesn’t want us to ‘’die’’. That, of course, is what did happen when the first people trespassed across this known boundary. They sinned to their own eternal harm. We break God’s commandments and find that we ourselves are broken on them. If we break them, it is even more the case that they break us.

How liberal, how utterly generous God was with Adam and Eve. There was only one tree that they were not to regard as a food source. Everything else was their’s. But there is something about ‘forbidden fruit’ which always seems fascinating. The ‘serpent’ ensures we are obsessively drawn to it. Then we eat…and we wish we hadn’t! It is always the same.

‘For best results, follow the Maker’s Instructions.’