Acts 4:9-12: No other name (please click for passage)

For multiplied years I have longed for a powerful ministry. I still do. But why? Why do I covet this? Why do you want the ‘anointing’ – if you do? You can want a good thing for a bad reason; want God’s blessing for the sake of your own name.

Although Peter and John lived powerful, power-filled lives, they did not take the glory to themselves. They pointed to Jesus; they preached Jesus, and that is what we must do also.. He must increase and we have to decrease. (Look at the repetition of the word ‘’name’’ in verses 7, 10 and 12; and see also 17, 18, 30/3:6 and 16. The theme of ‘’the name’’ runs like a thread through Acts chapters 3 and 4). I seem to remember John Stott saying something like this, that we who preach need to remember that the ministry is about the glory of the Name of Jesus, and not about our own small names.

As we saw in yesterday’s reading, the Holy Spirit gave them an answer; he gave them a kind and courteous tone. But He also gave them courage (13). Once again, as previously, Peter turned the screw (10; see 3:13-15; 2:23, 24). He did not fail to say that which needed to be said.

In an age of pluralism, the message of (12) is not popular, but it is necessary. Let there be no loss of nerve when it comes to saying that Jesus is the only way. The Holy Spirit will give us the necessary courage.

PRAYER: Lord, I know I can be so cowardly. Please forgive me, and make me bold. In your Name I ask it.