Acts 4:5-8: The scent of the supernatural.(please click for today’s passage)

It was recognised that ‘’power’’ was at work through the apostles (7; see also 14, 16 and 22).Lives which are ‘naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural’ are great adverts for the gospel; people who cannot be explained in purely natural terms capture attention. There is a scent of the supernatural about them. They provoke questions. There is something mysterious about the Spiritual person (John 3:8).

In (8) the power is identified – it is the power of ‘’the Holy Spirit’’. We need His power for every aspect of the Christian life, including answering questions.

Note, they answered the question asked and that is important. It shows respect for the questioner. You’re not just trying to push your own agenda. You have to scratch where people itch.

Also they answered ‘’with gentleness and respect’’ (1 Peter 3:15-17). When Peter later wrote these words in a letter, perhaps he was thinking back to this very moment. He was asking of the believers what he and John had done when similarly under pressure.In this sermon Peter again shows courage, but he never lacks courtesy. There is a perfect balance.

PRAYER: Lord, I want to be so full of your Holy Spirit that my life raises questions which you enable me to answer.