Luke 22:54-62: A prayer.(please click for todays passage)

Oh Lord, I read these words today and my heart cries out to you that you will save me from the mediocrity that follows you ‘at a distance’. Please forgive me for those times when MY courage has failed, and I haven’t taken the opportunity to identify myself with you. My cowardice has got the better of me and I have gone into hiding. Other people have taken the initiative. They have asked the questions. What opportunities I have had, but I have fluffed my lines. I now see clearly that the ‘fear of man is a snare’.

I also confess, with sadness, that too many times I warm myself at the world’s fire. I find myself in places I should not really be, both in my mind and my body. That is a false fire, I have come to realise, and no matter how many times I go there, I come away still feeling cold inside.

Lord, on all occasions – and especially when I head for where I should not be, and do what I ought not to do – help me to remember your Word, even if it reduces me to bitter tears. I would rather be brought to repentance, by your grace and in your mercy, than live at a distance from you.

Lord Jesus, I do not criticise my brother Peter. He was a much better man than I am. But I do see so much of myself in him, and it gives me hope. You knew Peter better than he knew himself – and it’s just the same with me. You hear all my promises, and my fine sounding God talk. But you see through it. You know that I am weak and when and where I will fall. But this was not the end for Peter. Around another charcoal fire you erased his sins and commissioned him to a great task. This gives me hope that you, dear, kind Jesus, can lift me up, your faltering failing servant, and cause me to be of great use to your church. Fill me with your Spirit and boldness, and may I yet bring many people to you. This is my heart’s desire.