Luke 22:47-53: Credibility gap?(please click here for todays passage)

It is sadly possible for there to be a ‘credibility gap’ between our talk and walk. In a Christian, lips and life should be moving in the same direction. Judas invariably challenges me with this thought: is there a chance that I may be ‘kissing’ Jesus with my lips, ‘in church’, in my praises; yet at the same time am I betraying Him with my life?

It is also possible to be fighting the Lord’s battles with the wrong weapons (see 2 Corinthians 10:3-6). The knee-jerk reaction is not necessarily the right or best response. What does the Lord Himself have to say about this? That’s the question. The disciples did right to ask Jesus His view on what they planned to do (49). But Peter was wrong not to await a reply (50). Jesus had a clear statement to make on the matter and it was to be heeded (51).In this spiritual battle we’re in, let’s not make a grab for the sword (or its equivalent), but use ‘the weapons of our warfare’ that are ‘not carnal’, such as prayer, fasting, praise and worship.

It is a sobering thought to realise how much power Satan has in this world. He exercises it by Divine permission of course. He is on a ‘chain’; but it is a long chain. The evil day (53b), when all hell breaks loose, can come for the church (Eph.6:10-12). Supremely it came at the Cross. But never lose sight of the clear inference that Jesus is in complete control.

Prayer: In all my trials and struggles let me never forget that you are Lord.