Luke 16:1-15: Winning friends and influencing people.(click here for todays passage)

‘There Is no truer test of a man’s spirituality than his attitude to his possessions.’

People sometimes trip over this story. So it’s important to read through everything Jesus said. It is clear that He did not endorse untrustworthy behaviour (10-12). Although the manager commended the steward, it was for his shrewdness, not his dishonesty (8). This man, knowing he was about to lose his job, made sure he would have friends who would take care of him when he was without income. It was a smart move in worldly terms. He was streetwise. Similarly we can use our money to ‘make friends’ who will happily greet us in heaven one day (9). We can give to causes that enable people to be served, loved and hear the gospel. How happy they will be to see us in the heavenly home. But surely we will be happier still, to realise that what we gave helped to bring them to Christ.

Somebody said that money makes a good servant but a poor master (13). We need to make a decision that we will not bow down at the feet of materialism. We will serve God and not His gifts, as much as we appreciate them. We are ‘stewards’ – managers of another’s property. Everything we have we hold in trust. We don’t own any of it. We will take our instructions from God. It belongs to Him. Remember, ‘If there is anything you own you can’t give away, you don’t own it, it owns you.’

John Wesley’s famous dictum comes to mind:

‘Make all you can; save all you can; give all you can.’

Prayer: Lord God, I don’t want materialism to have a stranglehold over my heart. Help me to worship you alone.