Luke 15: Lost and found.(please click here for todays passage)

Some years ago we ran the ‘Contagious Christian’ course at our church. One of the most powerful moments came in the first session when Bill Hybels, the senior pastor at ‘Willow Creek’ church in Chicago, spoke about Luke 15. With great passion in his voice he emphasised that ‘lost people matter to God’. Many of us carried away a phrase from that session that will always live with us: ‘You will never lock eyes with anyone who does not matter to the Father.’

There is a common theme running through Luke 15, tying the three stories together. It is that something or someone exceedingly precious got lost, but what celebration when it (or he) is found.

Bill Hybels emphasised that lost people matter to God and it demands an all out search on the part of the church to go and find them and bring them home.

Can you feel the evangelistic pulse beating in this passage; throbbing in every line? And does it also run in your veins?

Prayer: Father God, you who seek the lost at great cost to yourself, let me share your heartbeat.