31st October 2013 – Lord God, I ask for the courage to fully engage with a world in need. I also ask for the wisdom to be able to have contact without contamination.

30th October 2013 –  Thank you Lord that you don’t back off from my pain. You are not afraid of my emotional outpourings. Thank you that I can be ‘honest to God.’

29th October 2013 – Thank you Lord for the glorious light that shines out of your empty tomb. Help me to always walk in its brilliant rays.

28th October 2013 –  Thank you Father God for the fact that Jesus is alive.

25th October 2013 –  Lord let your gospel so thrill me and fill me that it spills out of every pore.

24th October 2013 –  Lord forgive me for the times I fight against the truth I know deep in my heart. Have mercy.

23rd October 2013 –  Help me Lord to be so devoted to you that I remove any ‘high places’ from my life. Give me eyes to see them, and a heart committed to dismantling them. Let no area of disobedience or any lack of submission remain within my borders.

 22nd October 2013 –  Almighty God, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great victories you have given me in the past, as I have placed my confidence in you. So I pray for the battles of this day, that you will again show yourself strong on behalf of your church. Help us to look to you.

21st October 2013 –  Help me this day, Lord, in all my decisions to carefully choose the way of holiness. And help me not to be less of a Christian at home than I seek to be in other settings.

18th October 2013 – Thank you Lord for the beauty of your order for church life. Help me to eagerly desire your gifts, and especially prophecy.

17th October 2013 –  Lord God, all that I have is from you. Help me to give what I have to serve others and build up your church.

16th October 2013 –  Lord bless the leaders of your church with bending knees, unblocked ears, and willing hands and feet to carry out your will. Bless us all through their anointed ministry.

15th October 2013 –  Lord, I choose to trust in you and turn from sin, than place my confidence in any human aid.

14th October 2013 –  Help me, Lord, this day to not see myself in the light of the ‘giants’, but to see those giants in the light of God.

11th October 2013 – I do thank you, Lord Jesus, for all the things which remind me that apart from you I can do nothing.

10th October 2013 –  ‘Restore, O Lord, the honour of your Name, and in our time revive the church that bears your Name.

9th October 2013 – Lord my life from beginning to end is in your Hands. I look to you to direct my steps today.

8th October 2013 –  Lord we ask that we may regularly have church services such as those described in 1 Corinthians 14:24, 25. We pray that you will be powerfully and overwhelmingly encountered in all our gatherings for worship. May your Word be clearly spoken, conviction of sin fall, lives be changed, and your Name be glorified.

7th October 2013 –  Lord we thank you for your instructions for church life. We see your wisdom. Help us to be ever mindful of them and obey them. In all our services ‘send forth your truth and let there be light’.

4th October 2013 – ‘We’ll let you have your way among us; We’ll not strive. We’ll let your peace rule within our hearts; we’ll not strive.’

3rd October 2013 –  Thank you Lord that there are older and wiser people in my world. Help me to never be so full of my own convictions and ideas that I imagine I don’t need the insights of others. Please give me always the wisdom to sift what bits of advice to throw away and which pieces to cling to.

2nd October 2013 –  Lord, I see from this amazing book that you call me to so much more than religion and ritual. You call me to a relationship of deep and profound love. Help me to stir myself up from lethargy and enable me to ‘kill’ everything that might spoil what is possible. I want to enter into all you have for me.

1st October 2013 –  Lord, please fill me to overflowing with your inextinguishable love.