30th September 2013 –  As I go out into the service of this day Lord, cause me to do so with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

27th September 2013 –  I pray for the services in the church to which I belong this coming week-end. I ask Lord that they will be times when we clearly hear from you and receive encouragement and comfort; occasions when we grow upwards in you. Thank you that we are all on your building site, and our salvation is ‘under construction.’ Bring it all to wonderful completion Lord God, for your glory and honour.

26th September 2013 – I ask you, Lord Jesus, to develop in me, your lover, an immeasurable urge towards you, an affection that is unbounded, a longing that is unrestrained, a fervor that throws discretion to the winds!…There is no one more blessed than he who dies because he loves so much. No creature can love God too much. Richard Rolle.

25th September 2013 – Let my desire for you Lord infect people around me with similar longings.

24th September 2013 –  Reduce me to love, dear Lord.

23rd September 2013 –  Lord, may my life always display how much I love you.

20th September 2013 –  Lord Jesus: It is my simple but sincere prayer that all who come into our church services will meet you there. I also ask that the beauty of Jesus will be seen in me

19th September 2013 – Lord, strengthen me to leave behind everything that would come between you and me. I deeply desire this rich relationship of love that you have planned. May I not miss out for any reason.

18th September 2013 –  Lord God, when I look in the mirror, I find it hard to see beauty; but when I look in the mirror of your Word, I see a picture of myself as you see me. It takes my breath away. Thank you Heavenly Father for this whole new perspective. Help me to always see me through your eyes.

17th September 2013 –   Thank you Lord that I can stand shoulder to shoulder with people like Moses, Aaron and Samuel in calling on your Name. What a privilege!

16th September 2013 –  Lord, I bring to you ____ May they ask serious questions about you. Cause them to look hard at you, and draw them to yourself. I long for their conversion.

13th September 2013 – Lord, by your Holy Spirit, intensify my longing for you. Forgive my idleness; please pardon any inclination towards spiritual laziness. Help me to stir myself up, and put effort, by your strength, into seeking after you. Thank you Lord that those who seek you find you, if the search is whole-hearted.

12th September 2013  –  Thank you Lord for placing me in your body where we all need each other, and, above all, we are totally dependent on you.

2013 –  Help me Lord Jesus to ‘catch’ all the ‘little’ things that would ‘ruin’ this blossoming love relationship with you.

10th September 2013 –  Thank you Lord that you made me to be me. Help me to be content to be the best version of me that I can be.

9th September 2013 –  Thank you Lord that there are no ‘good for nothings in your church’. You have made me, in Christ, with purpose. Please help me to discover your call on my life and be fully obedient to you.

6th September 2013 – Thank you Lord that you have given me new eyes, to be able to see myself as you see me. Help me to grow in loving you and enjoying your love for me. Take me beyond rules, routine and ritual into a relationship of deepest intimacy. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me, more and more.

5th September 2013 –  Thank you Lord that you do some of your very best work ‘in the dark’. In the midst of a world that can scorch me, help me to always keep my own vineyard

4th September 2013 –  Lord Jesus, your Name is like ointment poured forth. Just to speak your Name brings peace and comfort to my troubled soul. Thank you for your love, wonderful Jesus. ‘Lord it is my chief complaint, that my love is weak and faint; yet I love thee, and adore. Oh for grace to love thee more.’

3rd September 2013 –  Lord, please grant that every Christian marriage will be filled with a growing love that reflects your love for the church.

2nd September 2013 – However busy I may be today Lord God of my salvation, and no matter what challenges I face, let me not forget your wonders and lose my song. May every part of this day be set to music!