Such a high priest truly meets our need

There is something so beautiful about this statement in its economy and simplicity.

I believe everyone will admit, if they are honest, that something inside of them is ‘missing’. An all-important piece of the puzzle doesn’t appear to be in the box. They have a need that nothing and no-one can satisfy. There is no ‘scratch’ to relieve their unremitting ‘itch’.

Until they come to Christ , that is.

Saint Augustine famously said, ”Thou hast made us for thyself and our hearts find no rest until they rest in thee.”

Recently, Jilly and I saw a testimony, given by a young man: a perhaps a not entirely unfamiliar story of a search for life and meaning in the destructive world of drug addiction. But at the end of his self-damaging journey, he had a life-transforming encounter with Jesus…

…and this ”high priest truly” met his need.

”This “I” was made in the image of God for fellowship with God. Without God it is miserable, empty, confused, and frustrated. Without God life has no meaning; but with God at its centre there is life, an inner strength and peace, a deep satisfaction, an unfading joy known only to those who know Jesus Christ. ‘ Billy Graham