As you know, our pattern in these daily readings entails interspersing Old Testament and New Testament passages. As we are about to begin to look at Hebrews 1, here are a few introductory thoughts:

It is thought this book was written by an unnamed Jewish believer for other similar Hebrew Christians, who were being tempted to go back to Judaism. This was happening in the context of persecution, and maybe it felt safer to go back to the synagogue. The author knew that even if it was safer physically, it was dangerous spiritually. His call throughout his letter is essentially summarised in 6:1: ”Let us go on…”

‘The epistle was written to Jewish believers who were tempted to abandon the fullness of Christ and go back to the emptiness of a religious system soon to be destroyed…too many believers, like Israel in the Old Testament, are wandering in the wilderness of unbelief and yearning to go back to the old life. The message of Hebrews is especially for them: ”Let us go on to maturity!” ‘…As you meditate on this profound letter, ask yourself: Am I looking back and craving the old life, or am I pressing on by faith to claim my inheritance in Christ?” Warren W. Wiersbe: ‘With the Word’, p.811.

Years ago I heard about an obituary for a pot-holer who died in a cave accident. It just said, ‘If only he’d kept going he would still be alive.’

In a way, that’s the message of this great book: Keep going forward!