How deserted lies the city,
    once so full of people!
How like a widow is she,
    who once was great among the nations!
She who was queen among the provinces
    has now become a slave.

Further to yesterday’s post about ‘faded glory’, I happened to read these words today in Wayne Jacobsen’s excellent book ‘In Season’ (p.167).

‘Grapes are not a one season crop. They produce crop after crop, year after year. The cycle of growth continues in our hearts as well, and as with all living things we are either growing or withering. Many a believer has made the mistake of assuming that just because God is doing things in their life, that alone will be sufficient to sustain their relationship with him. How many of us have seen men and women move in some incredible gifts, only to watch them suddenly take a great fall. The vineyard teaches us that such falls are not sudden at all. They result from days of not remaining in the vine and drawing on its life.

When our own relationship with the vine gets compromised, no matter how great the harvest we’re in the midst of, we have begun to wither…

At all costs, cling to your friendship with Jesus as more valuable than anything in this life.’ (Emphasis mine).