Send Me Anywhere


 “Often his call is to follow in paths we would not have chosen. But if in truth we say, “Anywhere, Lord,” he takes us at our word and orders our goings, and then he puts a new song in our mouths, even a thanksgiving unto our God (Ps. 40:2–3). There is wonderful joy to be had from knowing that we are not in the way of our own choice.”

This is a great quote. It is a reminder that when we submit our lives to the Lord Jesus we give Him the car keys, put Him in the driving seat and ask Him to take us along the route of His Choosing. At times it may be a bit of a ‘mystery tour’ to us. But with Him alongside, it will be glorious.

 Here is a prayer I found:

 “Give me clear guidance in my life, Lord. As I submit myself to you, I know that you will direct my paths and I can have confidence that your direction is always the best way to go. Hear my prayer, Father. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.”