Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles…

Even after we come to believe in Jesus, and are utterly convinced of gospel truth, there may be times when the devil whispers in our ears that it is all “foolishness”. We have come to surely experience Jesus as the wisdom and power of God, but nevertheless the enemy of our souls tries to sow these seeds of doubt and unbelief in our minds. It may even be – but I can’t assert this with any certainty; it’s speculation on my part – that we become more prone to these temptations as we get older and more frail and weak. Don’t be at all surprised if they come. Also, don’t fail to differentiate between temptation and sin. As Martin Luther observed:

‘You can’t help the birds of the air flying about your head; but you can prevent them building a nest in your hair.’

By God’s grace, we must take a stand. Also we need to lock shields of faith together and help each other stand. (Don’t become isolated from Christian Fellowship).

 We must choose to doubt our doubts and believe our beliefs.

I love the simplicity of these words from a song by the Bill Gaithersburg Trio:

“I have decided I’m gonna live like a believer,

Turn my back on the deceiver,

I’m gonna live what I believe.”

You have to decide – and God will help you.

Prayer: Lord, I have experienced many times that Satan is a liar. Enable me, by your Spirit, to see through every deception and take my stand on your revealed truth.