Who among the gods

    is like you, Lord?

Who is like you –

    majestic in holiness,

awesome in glory,

    working wonders?

12 ‘You stretch out your right hand,

    and the earth swallows your enemies.

13 In your unfailing love you will lead

    the people you have redeemed.

In your strength you will guide them

    to your holy dwelling.

As we see in the book of Daniel, for example, there are spiritual battles taking place behind the scenes (see Daniel 10). We may not understand exactly how prayer plays a strategic role in the battle, but it certainly does, and believers need to pray, and be led in prayer by the Holy Spirit. (This is a theme we will return to when we look at chapter 17).

Alec Motyer says: ‘There is always a cosmic and spiritual dimension to the Lord’s historical acts.’He goes on to quote another writer who says, ‘The historical victory…participates in the cosmic victory.’ Then Motyer adds: ‘What happens in history is real, but part of its reality is its place in the warfare in the heavens.’ ‘The message of Exodus’, p.167.

Where we read of the Lord “working wonders” (11b), the idea is literally that He ‘does wonderfully/supernaturally.’ It is apparently the closest the Hebrew language gets to the idea of the supernatural or miraculous.

Prayer: Lord God, we ask for your miraculous intervention in history today, that your Name may be highly exalted and the plans of evil thwarted