Before we move further on in the chapter, I want to highlight a couple of thoughts triggered by reading around it. Both were sparked by Tom Hale’s Applied Commentary:

  1. We are sometimes intrigued, and disturbed even, by the terrain we have to travel in life. God takes us to places we didn’t expect and (maybe?) we’d rather not be. Having been raised as a prince in the palace, Moses spent forty years in the obscurity of the desert. But during that time he got to know it ‘like the back of his hand’ – all preparation for leading the people of Israel through it in later days. It may not have looked like the education he received in Egypt, but it was in many ways a more valuable form of instruction. The Lord knows what He is doing!
  2. If we will say, “Here I am” to God, and truly mean it, He will take us on an adventure.

Are you ready for an adventure with God?