Asher’s food will be rich;
he will provide delicacies fit for a king.

‘The name means “blessed” or “happy” (30:13). Since the tribe of Asher weren’t able to drive out the inhabitants of their territory (Judg.1:31-32), they settled down to be an agricultural people, taking advantage of the fertile land God gave them (Josh.19:24-30). Moses said that Asher was “most blessed,” referring to its wealth of olive oil and the security of its cities (Deut.33:24-25). Indeed, Asher’s food was rich, and the tribe even provided special delicacies “fit for a king.” ‘ Warren W.Wiersbe: ‘Old Testament Commentary’, p.138.

In one sense, I think we could say Asher failed (and aren’t we all failures?) But this did not stop God blessing them and using them.

I believe that whatever God has blessed us with, we are to share; not selfishly hold it to ourselves. In our walk with God, if we are listening, He will tell us just how to share it with others. Maybe I can say we are not meant to be containers but channels:

“…what I do have I give you” (1 Peter 3:6);

“For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you…” (1 Corinthians 11:23).