24 And the leaders of the Levites were Hashabiah, Sherebiah, Jeshua son of Kadmiel, and their associates, who stood opposite them to give praise and thanksgiving, one section responding to the other, as prescribed by David the man of God.“NIV

This seems to describe a kind of antiphonal singing, with ‘’one section responding to the other’’.

One of the beautiful things about corporate worship is the blessing we experience from the contributions of other believers. In our public gatherings we are, ideally, learning to be sensitive to God and to each other. We are constantly discovering how to respond ‘’to the other’’. This is not restricted to music, nor is it confined to Sundays. Worship is a 7 day a week activity. It’s a way of life – a whole lifestyle. It goes way beyond the physical gatherings. It includes how we relate to one another.

Thank God, many can still ‘meet’ digitally. But we’re conscious that we miss quite a lot when we’re not in the same room. Nevertheless, we are blessed to still be able to see one another, to listen to each other, and share in prayer. It is still possible to respond to one another in ways which honour God and build up His church. In so doing, the Spirit composes in us, and sings through us, a beautiful love song to God. We all get to be in this ‘choir’ – even the ones who are tone deaf!

PRAYER: Lord make us a symphony, a symphony of worship…