11 You divided the sea before them, so that they passed through it on dry ground, but you hurled their pursuers into the depths, like a stone into mighty waters.” NIV

‘’You split the sea before them; they crossed through and never got their feet wet…’’ The Message.

The Israelites had found themselves in an impossible situation. They couldn’t go backwards because the Egyptian army was pursuing them. They couldn’t go forward; if they did they would drown. It was ‘checkmate’. Or was it? God intervened and made a way where there was no way. He did what was humanly impossible.

At the moment we find ourselves ‘trapped’ in a situation we neither wanted nor saw coming. This was not what we had planned for 2020! Maybe we can’t see a way out, but ‘God specialises in things thought impossible.’ He’s the same God, and He’s with us. Don’t stop crying out to Him.

Pete Greig, the founder of the 24/7 prayer movement has written that prayer is a lot like stacking dominoes. You pray the same thing you’ve prayed 100 times before, and on the 101st time it happens, simply because you didn’t give up praying one prayer too soon. Jesus taught us to persevere in prayer. Let’s heed Him. Don’t lose heart. Pray on.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, if you want us to ‘’always pray and not give up’’ you know we will need your power to do it. We want to be in that place of prayer where you can use us. Please help us to get there. We ask that your Holy Spirit will help us in our weakness and give us the prayers to pray.