Now the city was large and spacious, but there were few people in it, and the houses had not yet been rebuilt. So my God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles, the officials and the common people for registration by families. I found the genealogical record of those who had been the first to return. This is what I found written there:” NIV

You may not find what comes next in Nehemiah 7 to be the most inspiring part of the book. (On the other hand, some people might). But remember, Nehemiah was carrying out what His God had put into His heart. So it’s important; it matters.

I simply want to say that God still speaks to the hearts of His people, and I wonder, what has God put into your heart? Also, what are you going to do with it? It may well be wise, in some cases, to keep on praying about it, if you’re not quite sure it is God’s voice you are hearing. It’s nearly always a good and prudent thing to talk it over with another mature Christian (or leader), but I do know God does drop things into His people’s hearts, and what an adventure life can become when we respond to His promptings.

I am in Boston Spa today because of something God ‘’God put…into my heart…’’ as I prayed and walked around an empty church building in Leeds 30 years ago. God’s promptings can alter the whole course of your life.

PRAYER: Lord God, I long for such a relationship with you that I can feel your tiniest nudges, and hear your faintest whispers. Help me, Lord, to respond with full obedience.