Before we move on to chapter 6, I wanted to share some words from F.B. Meyer in his ‘Great Verses through the Bible’, p.169:

‘Nehemiah had a perfect right to take this money. Not a word could be said by even his critics, if he did. He was doing a priceless work, and might justly claim his maintenance. On the other hand, the people were very poor, and he would have a larger influence over them if he were prepared to stand on their level, and to share with them. It was just so that the Apostle argued in 1 Cor. 9. And from both we learn that we must forgo our evident rights and liberties in order to influence others for Christ. Do not always stand on your rights; but live for others, making any sacrifice in order to save some – even as Christ loved us, and gave himself for us.’

PRAYER: Again, Lord, we ask for wisdom to make the right choices, and for grace to live sacrificially under your Lordship.