“12 With the help of Silas,whom I regard as a faithful brother, I have written to you briefly, encouraging you and testifying that this is the true grace of God. Stand fast in it.” NIV

‘’I’m sending this brief letter to you by Silas, a most dependable brother. I have the highest regard for him’’ The Message.

Dependable brothers and sisters: where would we be without them? They are the backbone of any and every congregation. Although some may be in the limelight, most are not, but they are faithful. They are reliable. They get work done and people served, whether it’s noticed or not, acknowledged or not, applauded or not. It doesn’t matter to them.

But there is an appropriate place for affirming and appreciating people, as Peter does here. Don’t wait for their funeral to say nice things about them. There are honouring words to be spoken now.

Reading this reminded me of two older men in the ‘Elim’ church in Lancaster, Nic and John. Both were in their 50’s, and they were wonderful supportive friends to a young, long-haired pastor in his early 20’s. I will always be thankful for their hospitality, lifts to and from church (when I had no car), and many words of encouragement. John took me back to his place for coffee every Sunday night after church. Nic and his wife, Jean, had me over for meals twice a week. They prayed and fasted with me Wednesday by Wednesday, and Nic even had his car insured so I could drive it from time to time. (So he wasn’t risk averse!). These men were absolute ‘bricks’ – so supportive. As long as I live and breathe I will not forget them and what they did, and who they were. They weren’t famous. If I hadn’t told you about them you probably wouldn’t know their names. But they were ‘’dependable’’ brothers. Such people have a lasting influence, and their work is always known to God.

PRAYER: Lord, whatever else you make me, please make me reliable.