14 But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. ‘Do not fear their threats ; do not be frightened.’ NIV

As a Christian you live in a hostile world, and that can be scary. There are people who hate God and therefore loathe His church and want to do damage to it; some even want to get rid of it. True believers are, at one level, ‘an endangered species’. It is dangerous to be a Christian, even when you don’t feel in danger.

Living with this reality could play havoc with your emotions. Where you feel the intimidating presence of persecution on a regular (if not daily) basis, as Peter’s first readers no doubt did, you could cave in to fear.

But Peter quotes a text that surely is a ‘word for today.’

‘’Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.’’

 Once again I remember that Peter spent a lot of time in Jesus’ company, and what two words did Jesus repeatedly say?

‘’Fear not.’’

 Here in verse 14b we have ‘a quotation from Isaiah 8:12. Peter’s meaning is that we believers should not fear the things other people fear. Other people fear the loss of their wealth. Or they fear the loss of health-they fear death. These are things that believers in Christ do not need to fear.’ Tom Hale: ‘The Applied New Testament Commentary’, p.915.

PRAYER: Lord, in my best moments, I know that I have nothing to fear. But I confess that I am often assaulted by all kinds of fears. Like the psalmist, as I seek you, please deliver me from all fears. In these frightening times, I pray that my peaceful life will be a wonderful advert for your Kingdom.