“6 In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.” NIV

It is true that ‘’all kinds of trials’’ beset Christians. Of course, no human-being can imagine themselves to be beyond the reach of testing times, and disciples of Jesus are definitely not immune.

The recipients of Peter’s letter knew the harsh reality of persecution for their faith. This should put our own circumstances into perspective. Without wanting to minimise the seriousness of the current situation, it is important to remember that many people were experiencing far worse things before the Coronavirus outbreak, and many will continue to do so when, God-willing, we are through this.

But this is a trying time, and in such a season the human heart tends to cry, ‘How long O Lord?’ At the moment, the immeasurable road seems to stretch out across a barren wilderness of isolation, and we can’t see a finishing line. However we need to know that all trials are temporary. They ‘come to pass’. From the vantage point of eternity, all earthly trials will seem short.

‘All my trials, Lord, soon be over.’

Furthermore, as loving believers in the hidden, living Christ, even in the middle of trying days, we can and should look forward to all we will enjoy when He returns.

PRAYER: Lord, in your mercy, please will you shorten these days of trial. We pray for many lives to be saved. Yet we do not want to find ourselves praying at odds with your purposes. We trust your infinite wisdom and ask for your will to be done. Give us grace, please, to rejoice in you in every trial.