Hello everyone and welcome. The book of 1 Peter begins with these words:

‘’Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ..’’

So here’s the first thought to came into my mind when I began to look at the opening part of this letter: PETER KNEW WHO HE WAS!

So did my friend Aziz (that’s what I’ll call him here). He was a member of another faith, but he became a Christian in a time of trouble. He was going through a personal crisis, and during it he asked Jesus to come into his life. He had been influenced by the words and example – and no doubt the prayers – of Christians he had rubbed shoulders with while studying at an English language school. Students were able to work to off-set their fees, and I remember seeing him pushing a wheelbarrow around the college grounds, smiling, and singing a well-known Christian song of the time: ‘I’m the son of a King, I am, I’m the son of a King…’ I don’t think his troubles had disappeared. But he was different.

If you’re a believer, one thing that can help you get through this time is knowing who are.

Who are you when your life is restricted and more hidden? When you can’t perform as you did before? When you can’t so obviously produce as you once did? Our culture seems to place so much value on what we produce and what we accumulate. The Coronavirus pulls the rug out from under much of that. What’s more, it was never a true measure of worth. Knowing who you are and what God has called you to do is so liberating.

If you are trusting in Jesus, you are a child of God. That is your true identity. Don’t lose sight of it.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord that the Bible clearly says that the people who receive Jesus become the children of God. Whatever may happen in the coming days, may I not lose sight of the fact that I am your child, and that my value in your sight is not based on anything I can do or earn. You are not impressed by status symbols. You just love your children and your Fatherly care extends to every detail of life. Thank you Heavenly Father.