Revelation 22:21: Grace.

21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen. NIV

Throughout these past six months, Tom Wright has helped us again and again with his observations on the book of ‘Revelation’. Here is his comment on the last verse:

‘The letter – it always was a letter, as well as a prophecy and a revelation – ends as it should, with a closing greeting. ‘The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all’ (verse 21). But, however conventional, this greeting now carries the freight of the entire book. It is dense with a thousand images of ‘grace’, pregnant with the power of the word ‘Lord’ when spoken under the nose of Caesar, sparkling in the still-open invitation to ‘you all,’ and above all delicious with the name, the name that is now exalted high over all, the name of the slaughtered lamb, the name of the one we love and long to see. This book has been a revelation of Jesus, a testimony to Jesus, an act of homage to Jesus. This word. This book. This prophecy…Coming soon. This Jesus.’ ‘Revelation for Everyone’, p.207.

I began to write these Bible notes a number of years ago as a result of an inner ‘prompting’. Just recently, I felt a similar prompting to stop. Such promptings have played a major role in my life and ministry, and I know I cannot afford to ignore them. It’s been a privilege to seek to obey God in putting these thoughts ‘out there’, and I’d like to thank all of you who have made use of them. I also have a special ‘thank you’ for those of you who have communicated with me from time to time, and told me how the notes have helped you. I’m grateful for your encouragement.

As I sign off, let me encourage you to keep reading THE BOOK of books – God’s Book, the Bible. It is mighty; it is life-changing. No notes on Scripture (and there are a lot out there!) can ever replace Scripture itself. As you read it, remember, if you’re a Christian, the Author lives within you. You can ask Him for understanding and He will help you.

I take my leave, echoing John’s prayer that the ‘’grace of the Lord Jesus’’ will be with you.