Genesis 50:1: Not as others.

“Joseph threw himself on his father and wept over him and kissed him.” NIV

The Bible does not say that believers do not grieve. It does say, however, that we do not have to grieve as other people ‘’who have no hope’’ (1 Thessalonians 4:13). My years as a pastor have taught me this is so. There is a different feel between a Christian and a non-Christian funeral – a totally different atmosphere.

But we still grieve. We would have to be robots not to. Look at Joseph, as he throws himself on his dead father and weeps for him. He knows he has been ‘gathered to his people’; he has gone to a better place. But he has gone, and Joseph will not see him again in this world. There is pain in the parting.

Joseph had passed through bitter and difficult years into a season of abundance, prominence and influence. But even there, he was not beyond the reach of sorrow. This is how it is in a fallen world.

PRAYER: Almighty God, your world is so beautiful. I see this every day and everywhere I go. But it is also a world scarred by sin. This too is always obvious to me. Amidst this world’s magnificence, we witness the ugliness of pain, suffering and death. But thank you too that we also see Jesus who, by His death, has conquered death, and offers a living hope.

 (Perhaps you would also like to pray today for people you know who are entering this new year with an empty space in their hearts, because they have been recently bereaved).