Genesis 49:20: ‘Blessed’

‘Asher’s food will be rich;
    he will provide delicacies fit for a king.” NIV

‘’Asher’’ means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy’.  The land where Asher settled was good and fertile land. It had rich soil. They were able to produce an abundance of olive oil.

I was thinking, not every Christian lives in poverty, but those who are ‘’rich’’ have responsibilities to ‘’provide’’ for others. We should share our blessings, not hoard them.

Hudson Taylor was called to live and work in China. That entailed much sacrifice materially speaking, and in other ways. But I seem to remember that he had a wealthy supporter in the UK who undertook responsibility for the administration of the society. He gave to the work, and opened his large home to the Taylors when they returned home. Their callings were different, but complementary.

If God has made you an ‘’Asher’’, make it your aim to share your abundance; to ‘’provide’’ for others. The generous life is the ‘blessed’ (‘happy’) life. There is no joy in mean-ness.

PRAYER: Lord, as we remember the gracious gift of your Son, may our hearts become more like yours. Help us to be givers.