Genesis 49:19: Caught on the counter

‘Gad will be attacked by a band of raiders,
    but he will attack them at their heels. NIV

This short depiction of ‘’Gad’’ makes me think of a football match where one team is piling the pressure on another, but then the team under the cosh breaks out of defence in a blistering display of pace and skill, and they score at the other end – all against the run of play.  Warren Wiersbe writes: ‘Because of the tribe’s location on the east side of the Jordan, enemy troops could easily invade their territory. Jacob assured the Gadites that no conquest would be final, but that they would eventually conquer their enemies. This verse literally reads, “Troop [Gad], a troop will troop upon him, but he will troop on their heels.” An old man on his deathbed, Jacob could still make a clever wordplay out of his son’s name. The Gadites were great warriors (Josh. 22:1-6). Moses compared them to a brave lion that could rend the arms and heads of its enemies (Deut. 33:20).’  ‘No conquest would be final.’

We too need to know that although we often feel besieged by temptation, and we regularly fall, no failure need be final. In Jesus, we are ‘on the victory side’, and the outcome is sure.

Some years ago, Manchester United came back from being one down against Bayern Munich to win the Champions League. Two goals at the death turned the game around. For a long time afterwards, I watched a large section of the second half that I’d video’d. Every time, it looked like United might lose. But I wasn’t worried. I knew the final score (unlike when I was watching the game live! That was tense).

For the Christian, no matter how things appear now, we know how it all turns out ultimately. Thank God that we do.