Genesis 49: 13: Beside the seaside…

‘Zebulun will live by the seashore
    and become a haven for ships;
    his border will extend towards Sidon.” NIV

If the boundary lines have fallen for you in ‘’pleasant places’’ (Psalm 16:6), you don’t have to feel embarrassed or apologise for the fact, or have regrets. The thing is to be wherever God calls you, whether in city, town or village; in the country or by the sea. Every bit of the world is scarred by sin. This is true even of the most spectacularly beautiful places.The thing is to be the best servant of God you can be in that environment, enabled by His grace. Live for him there. The whole world needs saving, and if you’ve ever been to the seaside you will know that it needs redeeming!

Warren Wiersbe makes this point in his Old Testament Commentary:

‘While not directly on the Mediterranean coast, the tribe of Zebulun was assigned land close enough to the sea to make the transport of goods profitable for the people. Zebulun was located on an important route that carried merchandise from the coast to the Sea of Galilee and to Damascus. Moses said, “For they shall partake of the abundance of the seas” (Deut. 33:19 nkjv; see also Josh. 19:10-16). For the most part, the Jews weren’t a seafaring people, but the tribe of Zebulun did business with the Phoenicians east of them and provided imported goods to the people west of them.’

PRAYER: Thank you Lord that you place us where you want us. May we shine for you wherever that is.