Genesis 48: 8-9: ‘…given me here’.

When Israel saw the sons of Joseph, he asked, ‘Who are these?’‘They are the sons God has given me here,’ Joseph said to his father.Then Israel said, ‘Bring them to me so that I may bless them.’

‘’They are the sons God has given me here’’ (underlining mine).

May we never fail to acknowledge God’s goodness to us, but always praise Him for His many blessings. Don’t boast about what the Lord has given you, but glorify Him. Take every legitimate opportunity to tell us of His goodness.

In addition, may we never fail to recognise God’s goodness to us in ‘Egypt’. At times, in life, we may be taken to places we don’t want to go – places of difficulty, trouble and pain; maybe situations where we are treated harshly and unjustly. But if we’ve ended up there in the purposes of God, He will have blessings for us there. Let’s try to be quick to spot them, and speedy to express thanks for them. With our God, we find ‘’treasures’’ in ‘’darkness’’ (Isaiah 45:3).

In the darkest valley a light will shine. Look for it.

Remember: the best place to serve is wherever God sets you down – even if it’s not where you would choose to be.