Genesis 27:42-46: A mother knows.

“42 When Rebekah was told what her elder son Esau had said, she sent for her younger son Jacob and said to him, ‘Your brother Esau is planning to avenge himself by killing you. 43 Now then, my son, do what I say: flee at once to my brother Laban in Harran. 44 Stay with him for a while until your brother’s fury subsides. 45 When your brother is no longer angry with you and forgets what you did to him, I’ll send word for you to come back from there. Why should I lose both of you in one day?’” NIV

46 Then Rebekah said to Isaac, ‘I’m disgusted with living because of these Hittite women. If Jacob takes a wife from among the women of this land, from Hittite women like these, my life will not be worth living.’

There is much about Rebekah’s behaviour that cannot be admired. She was manipulative, deceitful at times, and favoured one son over the other. None of this is good. But it is true that she knew her boys. She was aware that although Esau was livid, one day his anger would cool. She was so right.

As Christian parents, we should let our knowledge of our children inform our prayers for them, and shape our handling of them. But we don’t have to scheme, and we shouldn’t. WE can trust God.