Genesis 17:1: You’re never too old

“When Abram was ninety-nine years old, God showed up and said to him, “I am The Strong God, live entirely before me, live to the hilt! I’ll make a covenant between us and I’ll give you a huge family.” MSG

You are never too old to do anything God plans for you to do. Abram (about to become ‘Abraham’) was going to father a child at the age of 99. God waited until it was physically impossible for him and Sarai (about to become ‘Sarah’) to have children. As someone said, ‘The borderline of human helplessness is the borderline of divine miracle.’

God’s ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not ours. They are so much higher. The world loves the young, the beautiful, the attractive. As you age, turn grey, start to wrinkle; as hearing and sight fade and joints stiffen, you can increasingly feel invisible. (When did you last see a really old person modelling and advertising clothes?!) The world sends you a subtle, but real message that you are finished. But not so with God. As long as you live and breathe He has a purpose for you, and He cares about you. It’s unlikely to be the same as Abram’s! But God has work for you to do. He doesn’t sit you on a shelf, with your legs dangling, when you hit retirement age. The message from heaven is by no means: ‘Just sit there and wait to die.’

Let’s take heart from Abram…and stay open and available to God.

‘’Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you’’ (Isaiah 46:4).

’My ears are filled with the sounds of promise: ‘’Good people will prosper like palm trees, Grow tall like Lebanon cedars; transplanted to GOD’s courtyard, They’ll grow tall in the presence of God, lithe and green, virile still in old age.’’ ‘ (From Psalm 92 – ‘The Message’).

PRAYER: Lord, the world is so pervasive. I can almost unwittingly gulp down its messages with my breaths. Help me to know that you don’t just use the young; that you have a purpose for us all; that, indeed, you have a plan for me.