Genesis 13:1-4: The road back.

 “So Abram left Egypt and went back to the Negev, he and his wife and everything he owned, and Lot still with him. By now Abram was very rich, loaded with cattle and silver and gold. 3-4 He moved on from the Negev, camping along the way, to Bethel, the place he had first set up his tent between Bethel and Ai and built his first altar. Abram prayed there to God.”   The Message

If you find you’ve come off the motorway at the wrong exit, the best thing to do is to get back on right where you came off. In effect, that’s what Abraham did. He got back to where he once belonged. He returned to the tent and the altar and the life of a pilgrim. If you have a sensitive conscience, your internal ‘Satnav’ will be telling you to make a        u-turn as soon as possible. You know the way back. Don’t delay. The further you get from the ‘M1’, it is all the more likely that you will end up lost.

Let this be an encouragement to you today if you have strayed; if you have got off the beaten track. Come back to God. Repent of the sin that took you away from the main carriageway, and trust in Jesus’ blood for forgiveness. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you be a winner where previously you became a loser. Make sure He’s in the driving seat. There is a way back on to the main highway.

There are also vital lessons to be learned.

‘The practical lesson from all of this is simply never abandon your altar. Stay in fellowship with the Lord no matter what the circumstances may be…Remember: ‘’The victorious Christian life is a series of new beginnings.’’ That is not an excuse for sin, but it is an encouragement for repentance.’ Warren W. Wiersbe: ‘The Wiersbe Bible Commentary (OT)’, p.61.