Mark 10:1-12: The sanctity of marriage.

10 Jesus then left that place and went into the region of Judea and across the Jordan. Again crowds of people came to him, and as was his custom, he taught them.2 Some Pharisees came and tested him by asking, ‘Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?’NIV

‘For best results, follow the Maker’s Instructions.’

Jesus often responded to a question with a question. This is what He did here. There is no more important question, on any subject, than, ‘What does the Bible say?’ In effect, that’s what Jesus asked.

It was true that ‘’Moses’’ permitted divorce under certain circumstances. But this was a concession given only because of the ‘’hardness’’ of men’s hearts. Jesus, therefore, took them back to the beginning. What was God’s original intention for marriage between a man and a woman? Clearly it was permanence.

Whenever I conduct a marriage service, I read words in the introduction which say that marriage should ‘not be entered into carelessly or lightly, but soberly, reverently and in the fear of God.’ We live in a disposable era, and it seems that, for many, relationships come into that category. People ditch their partners like putting out the rubbish. But marriage is a covenant relationship. It is a commitment for life, and it entails the faithfulness that is found in God alone, but which He can impart it to us by His Spirit.

I once read that the idea, in Hebrew, of a man being ‘’united’’ to his wife is literally to be ‘glued’. I would add that it’s meant to be ‘superglue’. To use an illustration from the ‘Alpha’ marriage course, if you glue two sheets of paper together, so that they effectively become one sheet, you can’t pull the sheets apart without causing much damage to them both.

It may be that some reading these words today know the pain, grief, regret and heartache of a broken marriage. Not to be trite, you can bring those wounds to God and ask for His healing, If there is sin to be forgiven, you can ask for and receive mercy. If you now find yourself in another marriage, remember the ‘Maker’s Instructions’ and look to Him for the resources you need to stay faithful.