Acts 22:8-21:Jesus is Lord

“8 ‘“Who are you, Lord?” I asked. “I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting,” he replied. My companions saw the light, but they did not understand the voice of him who was speaking to me.10 ‘“What shall I do, Lord?” I asked. “Get up,” the Lord said, “and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.” 11 My companions led me by the hand into Damascus, because the brilliance of the light had blinded me. 12 ‘A man named Ananias came to see me. He was a devout observer of the law and highly respected by all the Jews living there. 13 He stood beside me and said, “Brother Saul, receive your sight!” And at that very moment I was able to see him. 14 ‘Then he said: “The God of our ancestors has chosen you to know his will and to see the Righteous One and to hear words from his mouth. 15 You will be his witness to all people of what you have seen and heard. 16 And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptised and wash your sins away, calling on his name.” 17 ‘When I returned to Jerusalem and was praying at the temple, I fell into a trance 18 and saw the Lord speaking to me. “Quick!” he said. “Leave Jerusalem immediately, because the people here will not accept your testimony about me.” 19 ‘“Lord,” I replied, “these people know that I went from one synagogue to another to imprison and beat those who believe in you. 20 And when the blood of your martyr Stephen was shed, I stood there giving my approval and guarding the clothes of those who were killing him.” 21 ‘Then the Lord said to me, “Go; I will send you far away to the Gentiles.”’” NIV UK

Saul addressed Jesus as ‘’Lord’’ from the time he met him on the Damascus road. Look how many times he calls Him ‘’Lord’’ in this passage (8, 10, 19); also note repeated references to ‘’the Lord’’ (10, 17, 21). Yesterday we reflected on some of F.B.Meyer’s practical words about getting to know God’s particular will for your life. Of course, the starting point must be a full surrender to Jesus. Once you are in that place, you are able to ask the question: ‘’What shall I do, Lord?’ and really want to know. ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’ is more than a credal statement; it is a way of life for a disciple

Note how the revelation of God’s will came to the newly converted man in stages (10, 14-16, 18-21). God brought an Ananias into his life to supply one piece of the jigsaw. Gradually and progressively the bigger picture emerged. (By the way, when two people know Jesus as Lord, they can call each other ‘’Brother’’ 13, however different they may be in other ways).

The will of God for Saul was to include much suffering (9:16): ‘God is the master of the scenes; we must not choose what part we shall act; it concerns us only to be careful that we do it well, always saying,’If this please God, let it be as it is.’ ‘ Jeremy Taylor.

PRAYER: Lord God, I have only one short life to live. I don’t want to waste it. I offer myself to you. Please guide all my steps; I want to walk each day in accordance with your will