Acts 21:30-36: Danger man.

“30 The whole city was aroused, and the people came running from all directions. Seizing Paul, they dragged him from the temple, and immediately the gates were shut. 31 While they were trying to kill him, news reached the commander of the Roman troops that the whole city of Jerusalem was in an uproar. 32 He at once took some officers and soldiers and ran down to the crowd. When the rioters saw the commander and his soldiers, they stopped beating Paul. 33 The commander came up and arrested him and ordered him to be bound with two chains. Then he asked who he was and what he had done. 34 Some in the crowd shouted one thing and some another, and since the commander could not get at the truth because of the uproar, he ordered that Paul be taken into the barracks. 35 When Paul reached the steps, the violence of the mob was so great he had to be carried by the soldiers. 36 The crowd that followed kept shouting, ‘Get rid of him!’ ” NIV UK

Paul found himself repeatedly ‘’in danger’’ (2 Corinthians 11:26)). This was one of those many occasions when his life was on the line. It didn’t prevent him daring greatly for the gospel however, as we shall see.

Stories like this should encourage us to be brave, and entrust our lives to God. He can rescue; He is able to protect. We may be surprised when we see where deliverance comes from.

It wasn’t yet time for Paul to die.

‘I am immortal until all God’s will for me is done.’