Acts 16:25: Songs in the night.

“25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” NIV UK

‘’I remembered my songs in the night’’ (Psalm 77:6).

As we know, Paul and Silas were in a dark place:

  • They had been treated unjustly;

  • They were held in the most secure area of the prison;

  • They were placed in stocks in such a way as to cause great discomfort;

  • Their bodies must have been raw from the severe beating (23 – we know from verse 33 that their wounds needed washing).

Make no mistake, these men were in pain. It was ‘’midnight’’ (25) in more ways than one. Yet what were Paul and Silas doing? They ‘’were praying and singing hymns to God’’. They were shining a bright light into that dark place.

Wherever we are, and whatever we are facing, there are eyes on us and ears listening in. Do we believe what we say we believe? They want to know. Will we act consistently with our deepest convictions? We are being assessed. None of us wants to face trials. It’s counter-intuitive to want to suffer. In times of difficulty, though, we have opportunities to glorify God.

I have just recently begun to read the biography of Ron Dunn. He was an exceptionally gifted communicator from the South of the United States. Here in the United Kingdom he preached at Keswick and Filey. He wrote a number of books: ‘Don’t just stand there, pray something’ is a notable example. However, Ron suffered immensely, in a variety of ways, in what turned out to be a relatively short life. What I see in the biography is that so many people were deeply affected not just by what he taught, but by the way he lived what he taught – even in the very worst of times. He sang in the night.

PRAYER: Lord, I recognise that we who say we love you are always being watched. I pray that people will see Christ in me