Waiting for God, Acts 7:17:

17 ‘As the time drew near for God to fulfil his promise to Abraham, the number of our people in Egypt had greatly increased.

Here are 4 things that struck me in this verse:

  1. God keeps His promises. Even though a long time may elapse between the giving of the promise and its fulfilment, God is always as good as His Word;

  2. Church growth will come about in God’s timing. All of us who are eagerly praying for growth must hold on to the truth that our prayers will be answered in God’s way and time;

  3. This great growth – a ‘population explosion’ (Exodus 1) – began small. It started with just one man. The growth continues today. Even if your local church is small, know that you are part of something immeasurably big. You do not belong to a weak and dying organisation, whatever the cynics might say;

  4. The growth came out of pain. Think of all that Joseph went through before this could happen; the injustice of his treatment at the hands of his brothers, and later on in Potiphar’s house. Call to mind his time languishing in prison when it seemed he was forgotten. Your suffering may seem senseless, and lonely, but who can say what great purpose God may be working out? One person’s pain may lead to kingdom advancement and church growth.

Always remember: GOD GIVES THE GROWTH!