Acts 3:6-10: What is that in your hand? (click here for the passage)

I believe that it was reading this story that prompted me to start praying some years ago for ‘strategic’ conversions. I saw how one person can become the key to many others hearing the gospel (10). We see the same thing in the story of the woman Jesus met by the well (John 4:27-42). Many others came to believe in Him because of her testimony. When people see the ‘’used to’’ element in a life (10) it carries an impact. People cannot miss the reality of change and it causes them to question how it came about.

Whatever God gives you; whatever He entrusts to you; whatever He places in your hand, are you prepared to use it, to give it? Don’t worry about all you don’t have, but be prepared to give/share what you do have ‘’In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…’’(6). His power accompanies the gifts He gives to us. ’Then the LORD said to him, ‘’What is that in your hand?’’ ‘’A staff,’’ he replied’ (Exodus 4:2).This extract from the call of Moses resonates with our Acts passage. God will take what is in your hand, what He placed in your hand, and use it – if you are willing.

It is said of certain people that they are so heavenly minded they are of no earthly use.Peter did not fall into this category (7). He wasn’t so captivated by the miraculous power he was exercising that he forgot the practical needs of the man in front of him. I love the attentiveness; the thoughtfulness expressed in the words: ‘’Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up…’’ (7). In fact it appears that in the action of helping him the miracle occurred. As you go about your business on this ordinary day, look for the people in your path who you can ‘help up’, using the blessings God has poured into you, and relying completely on His power. Don’t live life in a closed off, isolated, disinterested kind of way. Someone said that the true measure of a life is not in its duration but its donation. Live for God and live for others. Live to serve and give.

‘The smallest parcel I ever saw was a man wrapped up in himself.’

PRAYER: Lord God, help me to have eyes to see this day the people you place in my way so that I can help them. May I not be someone who passes by on the other side.