Acts 2:42-47: Together (click here for the passage)

John Stott called this short passage ‘a beautiful little cameo of the Spirit-filled church.’ All the basics of church life are found here. It’s ‘not rocket science’ as they say. You don’t need a big building, a stage, a band, or PowerPoint! It can all be worked out quite simply in homes. Admittedly, they did use the ‘’temple courts’’ (46) – probably for the larger gatherings of the whole group. But they didn’t own a building. There were no church buildings, as such, for hundreds of years. They lacked many of the attractive features we have come to think are indispensable for success, but they had Bible teaching, fellowship, prayer life, and the breaking of bread. They saw miracles, and they were a ‘’devoted’’ bunch of people (42). They were ‘sold out’. Furthermore, God gave the growth.                                                                                                  At heart, they were a true community. The word ‘’together’’ is repeated three times in (44, 46). I once heard a preacher say that in the church today we have too many meetings and not enough meeting. But that was not the case with the first Christian community. They knew what it was to sacrifice and to share, and such an authentic community will always be a sign and a wonder in itself. In our materialistic, and often quite selfish culture, we need lots of little ‘lighthouses’ such as these dotted all over the landscape. They will always prove effective in saving many from the rocks.

In an age where more and more Christians are attending church less and less, we need to face the challenge of these verses. What is it about togetherness that we want to avoid and why?