Acts 1:15-26: Spiritual leadership.  (click here for todays passage)                                                                                                     In this short section at the end of Acts 1, there is an insight, reflected in the example of Peter, as to how spiritual leadership works.

  1. Spiritual leadership is immersed in Scripture (16, 17, 20-22). It knows that whatever is in the Bible is ‘’necessary’’ (21). Spiritual leadership is willing to learn anything which is true from all kinds of leaders, but its primary textbook is the Bible.
  2. Spiritual leadership stands up (15). It steps up. It doesn’t hide. It shows courage when courage is needed. Leaders stand up among the group, even though this makes them visible, and highly ‘hittable’ targets. You risk getting shot, but you stand up anyway. You sign up for flak, and shrapnel wounds when you embrace the call to be a leader.
  3. Spiritual leadership leads to prayer. It is not ashamed to admit that it ‘’lacks wisdom’’ (see James 1). It is convinced that God will give generously to all who ask in faith. Prayer isn’t always saying ‘’give us’’. Sometimes (in fact often) we have to say, ‘’Show us’’ (24).

PRAYER: Lord, where my path is dark, please shine your light on my way.