John 21:15-17: The greatest is love.(please click for passage)

As you read the first half of John 21, you can’t miss Peter’s love for Jesus. He had many faults and failings, as do we all, but his great heart for Christ burst out of his chest. That plunge into the water, once he realised the stranger on the shore was Jesus (7) ,was powered by love. It’s sheer love you see eagerly splashing towards the shore. It reminds me a little of the breaking of the alabaster box of ointment. I see a reckless, extravagant devotion.                                                                                                                                                     Later on, however, around the fire, Jesus questioned Peter about his love. He didn’t deny that Peter loved him, but he did challenge him about his love. He probed his heart. His first question was, ‘’Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?’’ (15). ‘More than what?’ This question inevitably comes to mind. Maybe it was, ‘’Do you love me more than the fishing equipment?’’ It symbolised an entire way of life. Having been called out of it, he had recently gone back to it. Or it might be, ‘’Do you love me more than these your fellow disciples?’’ He had implied a greater love, and had boldly said that if everyone else denied the Lord he wouldn’t. But what did he think now, after the cockerel’s crow? Then again, Jesus could have been asking, ‘’Do you love me more than you love your           fellow-disciples-this band of brothers?’’                                                                                                             It remains a valid question for us: ‘’Do you truly love me more than…?’’ Fill in the gap. What do you love most? Jesus calls us to love Him more. But you can never out-give God. So often, people who give sacrificially find their ‘silver’ back in their ‘sack’. More comes back than they ever give. This is the testimony of many. The truth is also that the more you love Jesus, the more every other love is enhanced and lifted to a higher plane. So you end up loving your family (for example) more richly than ever you would if Jesus were not first in your life. You don’t lose by putting God first.

PRAYER: ‘’Lord it is my chief complaint, that my love is weak and faint. Yet I love thee and adore, O for grace to love thee more.’’